Saris m2 calibration

I have a Saris M2 trainer. I cannot get it to calibrate with saris app or zwift. I have called Saris at least a dozen times trying different suggestions only to have to call back as it didn’t work. They even sent me a new trainer and I still cannot get it to calibrate.
I chose low watt calibration, it had me stay at 50 watts then said test initializing for over 8 minutes. It never calibrated. I updated software now it wants me to pedal at 18mph which is impossible . i deleted the saris app and tried again… nothing. My tires are inflated to recommended pressure, the tightening knob is at one click. I am at my limit here. PLEASE HELP!!

Try a test of setting the roller pressure to LESS than the full click. See if you can at least get through the calibration process with a less than perfect roller pressure.

Also, to make sure you aren’t over-torquing the roller pressure, make absolutely certain that you are not pushing against the knob when turning. Doing so will increase the clutch release force. It is super important to grab just the outside and twist only, with no forward pressure on the knob.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I did release the knob and tightened as you suggested just before the click. It allowed me to do the 50 watt calibration but hung up again at test initializing. keep pedaling. I assume 5 minutes is past calibration time? This is so frustrating.

It’s been a long time since I used or calibrated my Magnus. But it was around 2 minutes warmup back then before the coasting time.

Sure sounds like you might need to use the low calibration option, but that is gone now?

That is what i am using. it counts down then gets hung up on test initializing. keep pedaling.

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