Saris Utility App update

FYI that saris has an update for their iOS utility app. Question for @mcneese.chad, have any idea what they mean by “added initial low wattage option for calibration”?

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What app version do you have now?

31.060 is the last official one. But I know I have something like 31.062 from the Advanced section of the Saris app.

As a guess (because I don’t know) I wonder if they dropped the resistance level during the calibration spin up to 20 mph. I know some people struggle with that initial force (I even fight it with tired legs on the Magnus sometimes). That is more of an issue with people having lower power and FTP (like many of our shop customers).

PS, thanks for posting the update. I need to check it out.

Oh, meant to say, this is iOS, version 1.0.47 that popped up today (saris utility), edited topic title to correct my slip of the tongue on the firmware thing lol

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Ohhhh, got it.

Might still be a similar change to the calibration procedure.

I hope they at least include a live speed display. That whole app is so poorly done and has lots of work to be done.

Ps, looks like the Android app also got the same update.

They updated with speed before this one and it’s much better with it!

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I have a email to Saris support concerning those two items. Those choices are in the “About” section of the app. Why put in a spot where no one woukd look for setting changes us beyond me. Also, why no explanation of the additions anywhere is frustrating.
Actually, these could be important to me as I am coming back after over a year of surgeries etc.
BTW Saris support had been outstanding.

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Got a reply from Saris support.
They admit the app is rough:
“The app is still in the primitive stages and you make very good points about the interface.
I will pass on your notes”

“Also in regards to the low wattage option on the Saris app that mostly applies to people using the M2 and for people who cannot get the watts up to calibrate due to lack of power.”

"The Advanced Firmware Options will allow you to go back in time and install different older firmware for your trainer.
It was customers’ request to be able to un update the firmware. "

For both option in the About menu:
“Yes, you do have to click on them every time you open the App.”

Hope this helps.

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Awesome info. Confirmed some of my assumptions. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

The Advanced Firmware Options" confused me. Now I am more confused at the naming of said option😞

  1. It is an option that allows you to upgrade to the newest beta level firmware.

  2. It also sounds like you can “roll back” to earlier / older firmware if desired.

    • It’s possible to do a firmware upgrade and not like the results you get on the trainer. This means you can step back to any production version of the firmware if you experience issues.

Does that make sense?

Well, I get the rollback option, it is nice that they allow for that.
Honestly, the company seems customer driven but their business methods leaves me scratching my head. I had my H3 replaced and mistakenly sent back both the new and old 9 speed plastic spacer. Support is sending me out a whole hub assembly because they haven’t parted out the plastic spacer. Seems like they could have just asked manufacturing for a spacer and sent that out. Responsive but weird.

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:rofl: Whoops, that is a bit odd.

I do agree, that they are doing some odd stuff as of recent times. I had an internal contact at one point and liked working with him. Then he left the company (not sure on details), but it was closely timed to the PowerTap sell-off, and the reorganization under the Saris name.

Along with that, experience by me and others via their support and social channels got odd and delayed. It seems they are still struggling with some aspects of design changes (initial H3 quality issues), the app release was done / pulled / re-released / and is still buggy and behind what they should be offering, and the extra delays / false start on the MP1 platform release all point to broad issues there.

As a guess, I think there are internal changes and pressures that are leading to many of these issues. I like the company and really enjoyed my past contacts with them, and hope they get back on top of the problems to maintain their place in this area.

I think that they will figure it out.
Saris, as far as I know, only built bike racks before aquiring Cyclops. So it seems to me that software and apps are pretty new to management. I like the H3 a lot and I see a lot of upside.