Hammer firmware rollback?

Just went to the Saris app and checked if there was a firmware update and it’s suggesting “updating” to the prior version of the firmware. Seems like the most recent (from April) rolled out some Bluetooth spindown protocol changes, did they discover this isn’t so great and want people to roll back?

Sorry to bump, I put in a question to Saris and will hopefully update with a response. The weird thing is that on their website, the “latest” firmware is listed as the one from 2 iterations ago in 2019, while the Saris app is prompting to update to the previous version.

I’m interested in what you find. I haven’t had issues other than one time a couple of weeks ago I lost my bluetooth connection to my laptop mid-workout which I chalked up to just a random issue. I reconnected and completed another workout just fine.

Yeah, i’m curious to know, lately my Hammer has been reading a bit below my Assioma Uno pedals (they generally have agreed pretty well) so seeing the rollback of a spindown update makes me wonder if there is something wrong with the spindown calibration. Of course that’s just me wanting to justify a potential 10w higher FTP lol

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The hammer changes depending on temperature. I found that early in my ride the hammer would read about 3% lower, as it got warmed up that got closer to 1.5-2%, and then as the ride went on it began reading higher than the pedals after about 60-75 minutes.

I would trust the pedals over any trainer out there.

interesting, mine seems pretty consistent over the ride, but it’s surprising you’re seeing that considering the units should have temp compensation (I’ll admit I’m not sure if that’s just for calibration or if it’s always compensating). I tend to just use the trainer as the “source of truth” on TR because I run the pedal to zwift and my garmin (i like multiple sources, otherwise I guess I should just do powermatch!)

All trainers AFAIK use optical sensors and not strain gauges, so while they can be accurate I believe they can’t really measure power like strain gauges in other PMs on the bike. I would never trust any trainer over any on-bike PM, not even a Neo over a Stages

Correct, there is not a strain guage. But the Daris trainers use the electrical system and resistance unit values to back figure power. That is the basic approach of most smart trainers.

Elite uses their OTS which uses light and a torque tube to measure differential between two side of the tube.

Did you get anywhere with this, I’ve just swapped off a kickr 2018 to an H3 and I seen to be missing approx 8% of my Watts…I’d quite like to find them… My research so far suggests a thorough H3 warm up before use… But if you found anything else it may be useful?

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