Kinetic Smart Control T-6400 issues

So my Kinetic Smart Control (the 2019 version) will not calibrate with trainer road. IT constantly times out, IF I calibrate with the kinetic app then the erg mode will not work in trainer road.

Anyone else having these issues? Incredibly frustrated with the Kinetic

I was having a similar issue with calibration.

Don’t stop pedaling when the software tells you, (21mph?) Pedal to 22/23 mph and then stop.

I haven’t got the time-out error since I’ve done this.

(I do not use the Kinetic app at all.)

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Make sure to contact if you haven’t already done so.

The issue is that it only tells me to speed up to 12 mph via bluetooth phone app, if I try ant+ on my pc it just says calibration failed as soon as I hit the calibration button

Have you found any solution to this, I’m dealing with the exact same thing right now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

@1k2go you are my hero! I wish I had found this earlier. I spent about 90 minutes last night trying to calibrate with both the TrainerRoad and Kinetic Fit apps. Did all of the troubleshooting: cleaned tire & roller, correct tire pressure, loosened acorn nut, etc. I kept tightening and tightening the bolt on the resistance unit until my hand hurt. Nothing doing.

I gave it another go today and eventually was able to get the Kinetic Fit app to spindown in 6.85 seconds. Moved on to TrainerRoad app but it continued to time out.

Then I searched the internet again and found your post! The very next attempt, I spun up to 26 mph and the calibration was successful.

The last time I calibrated with TrainerRoad was early last month (March). I don’t do it regularly because it is always a struggle. I took the bike off to lube up the chain and needed to go through the exercise again. I will change my habits know that I know this “trick.”

I thank you and my dining room table thanks you because I was probably going to flip it if I hadn’t found this thread. Thanks!

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lol- I found this trick out of frustration too. I was SO Pissed I pedaled to about 35 mph and the damn thing calibrated. This is on both Inride and their trainers. KK has some real issue’s.