Same workout after I failed it last week?

AT gave me Fang Mountain -2 last week (6 days ago to be precise). The 3rd set of Over/Unders killed me and I reduced the intensity to 95% and managed to struggle through and complete the workout. For the survey, I indicated “Too Intense”. There were some adaptations presented to me the next day, which I accepted, but I didn’t look to see what they were.

Now I’m looking at my workouts for this week and I see Fang Mountain -3 scheduled for 2 days from now. Last week’s workout was marked as Threshold 3.0 (71 TSS) but this one is marked as Threshold 2.0 (69 TSS) even though they’re the exact same duration and all intervals are same duration/power level.

Is this expected behavior? What’s the difference between Threshold 3.0 and Threshold 2.0? Does AT think I’ve improved so much in a week that I can now accomplish this?

Fang Mountain -3 has the same “over” as Fang Mountain -2, but a lower “under”.


Hot damn, you’re right! 12 watt difference. Hopefully that enough for me and my rickety ole body to make it through at 100% intensity. Thanks!

In terms of what’s expected/standard within AT, only can provide accurate insight based upon the full scope of your workout’s ride logs, complete training plan, progression levels, adaptations, success rate of workouts, potential issues you may be experiencing (like workouts not being accounted for in odd scenarios), etc. They’ll be happy to take a look for any future questions that may arise! :+1:

Yep, AT knows best! This was a case of user error: the user didn’t notice that the unders were 12 watts lower, thus making the workout easier and therefore achievable. Oh, and the user is me! :roll_eyes: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :smile:

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