Is AT trying to kill me?

Just saw this on my plan for today. Week 1 of SS Base.

I mean, how’s nearly an hour at threshold a 5.6 level workout? :astonished: I really wonder how I’m going to survive this one!


This is a bug I ran into, and I contacted support. I don’t think the issue is AT, but that this is supposedly a PL 5.6 threshold interval. You should definitely replace it with an alternate and contact support.


You might want to see the discussion here:


Hey there!

I’d go with what @OreoCookie said in this case – Workout Alternates would be good to use here.

It looks like Ursla Gora (from your original photo) and Harlow (now on your Calendar at the moment) may be ranked inappropriately. I’ll bring those workouts up to the team to see if we can get them reclassified.


I wish my parents believed in me as much as AT believed in you being able to crush that workout


Thank you @ZackeryWeimer for the reply, I had a look at other users’ Ursla Gora workouts and some are actually completing this but the PL seems to be quite off indeed. Same with Harlow.

I took my workout outside yesterday and followed the spirit of the workout, not the letter of it :grinning:.

I managed to squeeze in approx 46 minutes at or above threshold vs originally prescribed 50 minutes, but with longer intervals and breaks in between due to traffic/terrain etc. Have to say, if I had perfect conditions or on a trainer I would have probably been able to complete the actual intervals but it would have been a very hard workout for sure.