Salvage the CX season - 1 last race

Hi everyone.

A dip in motivation has left me in less then ideal shape for CX race season this fall. Little structured training leading up to the races means ive been getting my ass kicked the past month. Ive raced 4 out of the 5 last weekends and the “kickstart / race my way into shape” i was hoping for isnt happening either.

The training ive done between races has been 1 very high intensity / anerobic session wednesday with a little z1/2 rest of the week to stay fresh. I was hoping for some quick gains, but it seems like ive plateaued pretty early as im not seeing any progress.

The good news is the next and last race of the season is in 3 weeks. That means i have 2 (3) weeks to train without worrying about tapering etc.

How would you go about the next 20 days / three weeks? My therory is that I should go back to SS / threshold work as the higher intensity ive been doing for the last months hasnt yielded any results.

  • Do threshold with more rest?
  • Do lots of SS with little rest?
  • Go all in the next 10 days ish and bury myself followed by super easy / rest before the race?
  • Any ideas are super welcome!


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Do you know the course for the last race? Think of a couple of key features and work on nailing those.


If it was me, I would do 2-3 productive/stretch VO2Max workouts in the first ten days, with easy riding days between each. Then in the last 10 days a couple achievable V02Max or Anaerobic Capacity workouts. During the easy days in between I would do skills work as much as possible or short/medium endurance pace rides. Good luck.

…take all the handups and remember cross is supposed to be fun? Forget results, have a good season ending memory and train hard for next year