2 weeks to prep for CX race

Alright! CX is in full swing and I’ve been racing at least once every weekend. Starting to fall down a bit on the training front but getting in a hard workout, something easier, openers, and a recovery ride each week.

I’ve got a weekend with no racing coming up and an A race the following week. Gives me a 2 week period to prep for the race.

Thinking I should add some volume and taper a bit for the race but not sure exactly how to structure those weeks.

Any ideas on the best way to use a weekend off racing to prep for the next one?

Go long to rebuild some aerobic base that has likely has been neglected. 5 hours? Look for a good gravel ride to get more time on the cx bike

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I would use the weekend to get some power into the legs on the Saturday, and organise a few people to do an endurance cx ride on the Sunday. Duration is up to you and what you’re used to. The power session could be on the road or cx depending upon the terrain where you live. You can also do a few hills on the cx ride, waiting up for the slower guys afterwards, no respect lost enjoying a good view.

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If it is a true A race then you should not add volume, you should subtract volume and maintain intensity. Do whatever workouts best suit your race style but do short versions of them - Gendarme -3 instead of Gendarme, Joe Devel -4 instead of Joe Devel

Cut down on any endurance or sweet spot work dramatically and let your body recover so you can hit it hard in two weeks


Agree, if this is your A race then it’s time for tapering rather than increasing voume!


I assume like for most CX racers volume/CTL has already tapered significantly now that the season is in full swing. Most of us are simply trying to maintain or delay that decay over the course of the season. A long endurance ride will just bump that CTL back up without causing significant fatigue that will require a lot of recovery. Then hit it hard tues/thurs before the weekend race

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That lines up with what I am thinking, thanks for the input. I got in a SSBMV, General Build, and a bit of CX specialty before the season kicked off but have done a lot less since racing started. Basically picking workouts from CX specialty for some intensity during the week and then doing something like Baxter -1 to keep the legs moving and Truuli -2 for an opener.

Not really trying to peak for nationals or something like that, just looking to do as many races as I can and keep building. Racing cat4 and more interested in progression than results.

But… I am currently in contention for the season overall podium and I’d like to crush it at Woodland Park if I can :grin:

The ideal of taking on some CTL instead of racing and then having time to recover and sharpen up the legs a little bit makes sense to me but I don’t have first hand experience trying. Thank you and everyone else to made the time to weigh in

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Hey you’re doing better than me hanging out midpack in Cat 4 master’s so maybe ignore everything I said :sweat_smile: Most of what I’m saying is just regurgitated from Matt HIll’s crosssports.net blog anyways. Weekend looks nice so a trek up to the tunnel on the iron horse before it closes up might be perfect

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Good call on Matt’s blog. Looks like there is some great stuff on there, not sure how I have missed it until now. Thanks for passing on the link.

I’m gonna make Frontier with weekend but missing Enumclaw. See you out there!

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totally agree.
Hit some intensity this week and taper it next week, with one intensity session on Tuesday, Then endurance Wed, OFF Thurs, Openers Friday, WIN SATURDAY!

Good luck!


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Disagree. This is a perfect time to add some volume and re-build lost base fitness that will carry you through the season. People telling you to lay off endurance are failing to recognize the fact that you’re likely losing base fitness which will negatively impact your season from this point forward.

Do you have any indication of your CTL/ATL/TSB? Or how do you feel physically?


thats good for next week’s plan but what about this week and weekend? I don’t think a full 2 week of taper is necessary for a cyclocross A race

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I think you are correct, might have not used the clearest language in my initial question.

Been racing since the beginning of September, starting to feel a bit gassed. Looking at the weened with no racing as a chance to get off the race/recover/race/recover cycle and build a little bit. More of a mini training camp than a taper.

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I’d get out for a nice endurance ride bundled with some sweet spot. Maybe a night of starts/solid efforts.

So the current plan is this: Week 1 I am going to do some recovery from Sunday’s race, and spend my trainer time during the week on sweet spot and endurance work, leading up to a couple of long rides on the weekend. Some kind of mix of gravel riding and/or group ride on the road.

Week 2 will include a couple of interval sessions on the trainer to sharpen things up and a rest day before openers and then racing on Sunday.

it’s already Wed, so ideally tomorrow endurance, fri off, 2-3h on saturday and sunday with some efforts, nothing crazy crazy