Training Plan Choice -- Midway through CX Season

Hi all,

I just wrapped up the High Volume Cyclocross Plan. There’s still a lot of season left to be done. I’ve been hitting the mid-week workouts consistently but haven’t really done much, if any sweet spot/threshold work that’s most often in the weekend workouts because I’ve been racing/recovering/doing openers. I’ll be racing for another two months, so I’m wondering if I should restart the CX plan, do a Build plan, or just pick and choose workouts with a mix of anaerobic and threshold workouts.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

I did a version of the low CX plan, so kudos to you for doing high volume, that’s really tough! I’d probably back off of doing another round of the CX plan, I kind of kept going with the Tues/Thurs tough workouts along with my weekend racing and was finding my legs to be pretty lifeless. I’m personally sticking to one anaerobic day (plus race day) and either sweet spot or endurance the rest of the time. Basically just enough to stay sharp, I think. My legs feel way better and while i’m not getting on any podiums, I’m definitely improving in the standings.