Workout strategy to get through CX season

I’m amped about the new calendar feature and am looking for guidance as I move into CX season.

This has been my first season using TR (LOVE IT!) and I worked through Base1, Base2 and Build phases before focusing on racing through Spring and Summer. I did not complete a full Specialty phase but mixed in those workouts with racing and other outdoor rides. I am now trying to determine how to approach my training to get through the next ~11 weeks of CX racing. I’d like to focus on races 6 weeks and 10 weeks out, with a handful of races interspersed across the 11 weeks.

Looking back over the calendar year, I’ve probably averaged 450 TSS/week. I was thinking I would hit the local midweek practice race or repeating various Specialty workouts Tue/Thur, while getting a longer SS/Threshold workout in when not racing or after racing. Any tips would be appreciated.

Having just finished CX season here in Europe I just repeated weeks 7 and 8 of the CX speciality plan throughout. It’s a bit less TSS but enough to keep you sharp but without inducing fatigue.
Where are you based btw? Intrigued to know where CX is just starting! :grinning:

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I did a similar thing to this but occasionally threw in some build phase workouts instead of speciality.

Also had a four week gap at one point into which I did a week of base, week of build, week of speciality, week of taper. I have no idea if this was a good idea, but I needed to change it up a little just for some variation.