Saddle help need recommendations

I ride a Romin saddle in 143mm. Trying to switch to the non carbon shell saddle, also don’t want the entry level saddle.

Anyone know of a saddle that is the same shape as the Romin?

Specialized has none in stock and I can’t find one anywhere

So you’re looking for a Romin Expert? That’s the highest trim level before going to carbon shell. If you can’t find a new one in stock anywhere I’d go look on eBay for a used one - pretty safe buy given how many people are constantly trying out new saddles.

In terms of comparable shapes, I find the Power saddles to be very similar to Romin (maybe even identical except for the short nose?)
These days I’ve switched almost completely to Bontrager Aeolus Elite saddles though. Just a tiny bit more curvy than the shape of the Power and Romin. I think its shape is modeled off of the now discontinued Montrose, which can still be found pretty easily on ebay etc. so if you’re looking for a long-nose saddle that might be an option.
Elite from Bontrager is the same as Expert from Specialized (Ti rails but no carbon shell).

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Give SQLabs a look.

I was looking at the Romin pro that was 3d printed, they appear to no longer sell that

Might be time to switch to the power arc.

While on the bike in the lab we found that the carbon railed saddles have more saddle pressure then my old ti railed saddle

Yeah for me it was more about the shell than the rails, but I think a similar deal. I don’t really need any padding on a saddle but I MUST have a shell that flexes, so top end carbon is out for me. I’ve wondered if the ultralight un-padded saddles like Berk might be engineered to flex in the way I require but I’m not willing to spend that kind of money to find out. Bit of a weight penalty for the lower tier options but at least it keeps costs modest!

FYI I can ride Romin and Power but not Power Arc. The Arc shape is different enough that it doesn’t work for me. YMMV of course.

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