Bontrager Montrose saddle

My bontrager Montrose saddle seems to have a lot of flex in it and I then got a giant saddle a lot stiffer but it had a tilt on it and didn’t fancy it so would like a few recommendations for my Trek Madone. Thanks.

Ask your lbs if they have any loaners. How old is your Montrose? Mine doesn’t flex?

I also have a Montrose and will say it’s more plush than other saddles, but it doesn’t flex. It’s like a beginners racing saddle. Also have a Fizik which is really nice; flatter and stiffer than the Montrose, more “racy”.

The montrose elite came with my madone. i absolutely hated it. so much numbness. i switched to fizik VENTO ARGO R1 and never looked back.

Is there anyway I can send a video on here?

No direct video attaching here.

Post a video to YouTube, then share a link here.

The Montrose elite is my favourite saddle. But since saddles are a personal thing any recommendation you get off the internet does not matter much. You need to go get a bike/saddle fit to see what works for you.

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Are you sure you have a proper Bikefit? I am using Montrose on my Madone for 3 years now and zero issues. I love it

My Montrose Pro is so comfortable! Have a few of them, never noticed flex…

The new Bontrager Aeolus is amazing! I bought one to test out, now i wish i ordered more for all of my bikes. Check it out!

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I had a montrose elite on my bike for a little but it have me the most sharp and acute pain on the insides of my sit bones. Now I have a Pro Stealth and it is much better.

Saddles are a personal thing so I would see if a bike shop near you has a saddle demo program and get some time with different shapes and sizes to see which one your butt, riding style, weight, etc get along best with.

Also, a lot of saddle companies have a 30 day guarantee so you can try it out and you if you don’t like it you can return it, no questions asked. (well the shop might ask you what you didn’t like to help point you toward a better one for you)

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