Has anyone used the Fi’zi:k Spine Concept EVO?

Hello everyone, I was interested to hear if anyone has used the Fi’zi:k Spine Concept EVO to get the appropriate saddle? If so, did it work?

I know that the ideal way would be to try before you buy but that is challenging in my area so I was keen to know if anyone has had success with the Fi’zi:k system?

With my current saddle I do get numbness and discomfort after about an hour indoors and a couple of hours outside. l have measured my sit bones and added 25mm to this measurement. This is about 1 cm wider than my current saddle (which came with the bike). Does this mean my current saddle is too narrow?

I appreciate any advice and feedback from the community :slight_smile:


Fizik concept says I should ride an Antares saddle… I put an antares saddle on my race bike… and it got comfy :smiley:

Bike was supplied with a giant saddle that had a similar shape/dimension to the Arione so I already knew that very popular saddle wasnt going to be a good choice for me.

@mikedav13s I picked up the Fizik Aliante R3 Open after using the Spine Concept Wizard. I felt more comfortable on my bike during long rides, didn’t feel as stiff/sore after a long ride, and was able to put out more power.

Speaking of just indoor training (I have a dedicated trainer bike), I now have enough saddles to fill a museum. I’ve been flummoxed by comfort on the trainer for years. My bike fit is AOK, as my LBS helped me with that. In any event, I ended up settling on a $30 Specialized Body Geometry comfort saddle. I still can get numbness, it just takes a lot longer for it to happen with this seat, so now I’m done - no more $$$ on saddles. Personally, the only reliable numbness remedy I have found (especially on the trainer) isn’t any of the saddles I’ve shelled out money on, but simply standing periodically for several pedal strokes. Good to stretch once in a while anyway and your perineum will thank you. :slight_smile:

You might already be doing this but having good quality shorts is really more important indoors than out as indoors is a bit unnatural with the lack of position variation.

Absolutely! Gore makes some nice ones.

For me I find up to an hour my Pearl izumi shorts that are old and battered are fine. I have some dhb shorts that are rubbish and going in the bin (not the cheap ones either). If I want or need max comfort I use the sportful gear we use in the club which are without doubt the best gear I’ve used (‘as worn by the pros’ should really mean that alright!!!)

Sportful- have not heard of them. Will check them out . Any particular model you like? Thanks!

I think this is the one we use: http://rocasports.ie/product/custom-bodyfit-pro-classic-bibshort/

I’m a little unclear which is the equivalent in their non custom line.

Thanks very much! Cheers