S pedelec commuting

Hi community,

I bought a s-pedelec (e-bike) to commute to work. One way is 53 km, 106km/3.5h per day and I ride mostly 4 times to work. Sometimes 3 times, the other days are home office :slight_smile:
I see my power output on the screen of the e-bike, so I could control my training. I don’t know how comparable it is to my p2max on my road bike, and the seat position is different.
I would ride my road bike on the weekend, if the trainings load would be high on a week or a race is planed.
Should I choose a trainings plan with low amount of hours and add the rest hours with a low/normal speed or should I stick to a high volume plan?
And can I do my trainings on the city e-bike or only the base miles and intervals on the road bike/turbo trainer?

Thanks inadvance!

I’d like to know which speed pedelec gives you power numbers… thats awesome !

Hi Joris,

it is the Trek Allant+ 9.9S. It’s a really nice bike. Super light, extremely stable and nice handling.


I would have to guess, but probably the electric assist will lop off all power spikes (e. g. at traffic lights) and ensure you will always stay in Z2. So this could be great endurance training.

I’d probably pick training plans that have more intensity in their intensity distribution. Given the amount you ride, low volume is a sensible starting point IMHO.

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That’s a really nice bike !
I ride a Giant Quick-E 45 :wink:

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