Commuting + E-bike + Outside Workouts?

I work about 33 miles (50km) from home and have ridden the route many times on my analog bike. It takes me about 1:50 to make the ride with stop lights and other crossings. I’ll usually do the ride about 1x weekly, i figure an hour in the car and then an hour on the bike with a TR workout can be done as an hour of outdoor workouts and then another 50 minutes of easy riding. But, I’m considering the idea of buying an electric road bike and commuting by bike more frequently. (For the record, I take a train to work, then ride home, not doing it 2x daily). But, I’d like to still be able to do the outdoor workouts. Has anyone tried using outdoor workouts with a e-bike? I assume I would hit my power targets as usual, I’d just go faster?

Anyone tried this?

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That sounds about right – it shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got a power meter on the e-bike. You’d just go faster if pedal assist is on!

don’t have an e-bike but just on the topic of commuting more to work…do it! I have a 30km commute each way - but any chance I get I try to go the long way and make it ~40-60km at least in one direction.

an ebike sounds awesome

so worth it even if you only add 1 day per week riding rather than sitting in a miserable car / train.

post a pic when you get it!

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Faster is better!

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You can also do the workouts with the motor turned off, then then the motor back on the rest of the time.

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I have a direct 30 minute commute, but a few days a week I do 60 or 90 minutes on the way to work.

I don’t have flexibility to avoid traffic (kids in school), so I’d be looking at spending 45 minutes in the car each way! Last time I drove to work, I averaged 20 mph!