Running Trainerroad outside workouts with a Stryd Powermeter

Hi Team,

I have run trainerroad workouts on a treadmill, and now am trying to do them as outside workouts. Is there any way of doing it so I can have them download into the RUN workout activity of my Garmin 735xt instead of the bike? It is not an unsolvable hassle, except that my screens are not set up for running in the Bike section, and I have to change sports later.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to import runs at this time. We do have an open feature request for the ability to import runs and swims over in this forum thread if you’d like to chime in and share your support.

Thank you Bryce. Bonne

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I think the OP was asking if it would be possible to push a power-based workout from TR to a Garmin watch as an outdoor run workout. The thread you referred to describes the opposite direction, i.e. importing a run/swim workout into TR. I’m not sure if the protocol for importing/exporting workouts from/to a Garmin watch is symmetrical…

Personally I would love this feature and it would make my Stryd sensor so much more useful. But I’m not even sure Garmin supports power-based running workouts… just getting the running power data field was not straightforward…

Thanks for the amazing work!

Just FYI the Garmin’s (my watch does anyway) do support power based workouts. I’m using a power based plan from Training Peaks along with my Stryd. Can’t wait for TR to support something similar but in the interim it works.

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