Running and weight workouts

Does Trainerroad include other workouts in TSS and adaptation of your workouts?


Than I can comfort myself, that the numbers is to low, and that I am beiing in better shape then the numbers say :wink: :wink: :wink: Nudge, nudge, know what I mean. Hehe


There are a lot of people who would definitely like this and with the first step of import and displaying the running having taken place we can only hope that there will be a TSS calculation coming along at some point. Its just how far away that point is!

The TSS from Other Activities will be displayed in the Weekly TSS Summary at the side of your Calendar. The exception to this is Swim Workouts, as it is hard to estimate the TSS of Swim Workouts. In the screenshot below, you’ll see that I have highlighted how the TSS of my Strength/ Weights Workout is displayed in the Weekly Summary.


TSS from Other Activities (such as a Strength Training/Weights Workout, Run Workouts. etc) will not impact the Adaptations made to your Bike Workouts. However, if you are following a Triathlon Plan and you skip a Swim or Run Workout, the following Swim and Run workout will adapt accordingly.

I hope this helps!

It has a basic TSS for running thats on beta and a some form of changes to running on their plans… I dont think is real adaptation tho. We have been asking for this for years. Its on the roadmap, so maybe at some point we will have something.