Run my smart trainer from my phone?

Hey gang, I’m finally going to join the technorati and am getting a smart trainer next month. Question: can I run that thing (Tacx Flow) off my phone for workouts or does it have to run off my laptop? Couldn’t quite find a thread on this in the forum.


Yes: Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 9.59.14 AM Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 9.58.57 AM



I run TR on my phone using an Elite Suito. I bought a garmin mount sticker off of ebay for the back of my phone and it works just like a quad lock, but a lot cheaper! works perfectly!

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Love it.

Also No…


These… Mostly no, but there might be a hack for the most recent models.


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I run TR off my Motorola M6 using the Android app - works more reliably than on my tablet for some reason…never drops the signal and since I have to turn my wifi off to stop it interfering with the bluetooth connection to my Kickr snap then it updates and syncs straight away off 4G rather than waiting for me to turn my router on…that said I put it on a chair in front of me as I don’t have a phone mount so its a bit small for my 52 year old eyes! :roll_eyes:

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Ok, so just pair the app to the trainer (instead of my power meter)?

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Or pair your phone to both!

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Related to using a Power Meter and Smart Trainer:


Thanks all. I think I can figure it out from here. Now, if that thing would just get here. I ordered it back in June. Like all smart trainers these days it’s been on back order. Scheduled to ship 09/02. Fingers crossed…


Same for me, TR on a samsung s10, additional case with garmin sticker from Ali, mounts fine on the garmin mount.

Only thing is, my S8 worked fine with ANT+ and Bluetooth, but my S10 drops out on BT, So I have to use ANT+, which is fine because the HR strap and cadance are also ANT+, just have to switch of BT on the phone when I start TR.

(with a kickr core trainer)

yep that’s what I do.

Using a Samsung S4 with a non-official ROM to get a version of Android TR supports. (My S4 never got an official Android 5.x update.) In my experience, ANT+ seems to work more reliably and consistently than BT (even compared to a newer BT-only phone). Same proved true on an i7-7700HQ machine with an ANT+ dongle and BT–ANT+ seemed to be more reliable and consistent.

If the S4 ever dies (replaceable battery :relieved:) or TR ever requires a later version of Android that I can get for it, I’ll find another, old ANT+ supporting phone (likely Samsung since no one else supports it on phones) to make my trainer phone. (Though I see Lineage OS supposedly has an Android 10.x ROM available for S4, so…)

Or maybe by then I’ll be able to push inside workouts to my head unit and run the workout from that while TR listens on BT and records the workout and aligns it to the graph based on the head unit’s commands to the trainer. (Yes, that’s several feature requests in one. :innocent:)

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thought about keeping the s8 as a trainer phone, but the idea to keep another phone charged put me off… I’d rather use my regular phone and turn BT off. The battery on the s10 is good enough to do a 60-90 minute ride at the end of the day, it will take only 10% an hour or less with an amoled screen

Turns out it’s a moot point after all. Heard from the vendor that they’ve pushed shipping of my new trainer AGAIN until 09/29/2020. So… still waiting to play on Zwift. LOL!

Do you have a dumb trainer (fluid, magnetic, wind) already? If so, and you have a wheel speed sensor on the rear wheel, you can use Zwift with a virtual power option.

LOL! THanks! I have been training on TR for years on a dumb trainer, and using Zwift too. Zwift isn’t that much fun on a dumb trainer as it lacks any of the changes in resistance from the terrain. Just wanted to upgrade my experience a little.

I’m a die hard TR fan and will continue on my dumb trainer until the new one arrives! But will save Zwift for until I join the smart trainer era.

LOVE the product guys!

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