ThinkRider X7 smart trainer compatible with TrainerRoad

I cant seem to get my new Thinkrider X7 smart trainer to go into erg mode for Trainerroad WO. It appears the trainer is only a power meter. I would really prefer to stay with TraineRoad as i enjoy the data based workouts. Any ideas or help?

I emailing TrainerRoad directly for this level of support.

I have exactly the same problem with the Thinkrider X5 I have just bought. It’s only a problem with our Apple devices. Android tablets work fine.

Is it apple you got a problem with?

@dwillis so I’ve had a response from TR support. Apparently Thinkrider uses a proprietary form of Bluetooth which isn’t supported by TR. As I say, I’ve got it working on two different tablets running different versions of Android so that’s the current work around. No joy with either of the two different Apple devices we have.

I haven’t yet tried it with a laptop device.

Thank you :blush:

Thanks, got sorted eventually :+1:

How did you manage to fix the problem? Cheers!

Got sorted, I changed laptop. Have trainer now set in ERG mode. Works fine now.

So do you think the alternate laptop has a subtly different bluetooth connection or are you connecting via ant+