Tacx App with TrainerRoad

Does anyone have any experience setting up Tacx Desktop with TrainerRoad. I would like to ride TrainerRoad endurance rides with my Tacx routes.

If anyone can share his/her set up, that will be great.


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Yes, did it. Ran TDA on BLE (you can’t do anything else anyway), and TR on ANT+. In TDA, you can select the trainer as a powermeter only (there are 4 options under a trainer device - trainer, speed, power, cadence - deselect the first). It gives some strange results sometimes (I was climbing the Oude Kwaremont while in a recovery between intervals, at something like 3km/h), but it’s a good distraction - better in my opinion than Zwift.

This was on Win10 on a PC.


thank you so much for the info. I don’t want TDA to control the resistance of the trainer. So if I leave the trainer option, does that mean TDA will not be controlling the resistance?

Thank you

Exactly. With the setup I indicated (trainer set to trainer off, speed on, power on, cadence on or off depending on whether you have a separate cadence sensor), TR controls the resistance, and TDA calculates a speed that results from the power you generate. This is the same setup that people using TR + Zwift run with.

Just one extra point on the setup - don’t run TDA in full-screen mode, contrary to Youtube and Netflix it does not allow another window to be shown above it. Run it in windowed mode, you can then overlay the minimal TR display on top and will get the workout instructions on top.

Mind you, there is another setup that could be used in theory - letting TDA control resistance, and telling TR to just record data, in a sense as if you were running TR on the road with a power meter. I’m not sure TR can release control of a smart trainer however. I’ve never tested that scenario.


Fantastic information. Thank you very much.

I have two screens side by side so running TDA in full mode should not be a problem. I will test it this weekend, capture some pictures and provide a feedback here.

Thanks again.

Tested last night and worked without an issue. Climbed Stelvio while doing the TrainerRoad workout.

Thank you again for the help.


any way to do this with the Tacx Training app for mobile?

I was trying to run trainerroad along with the tacx app.
However, I don’t see the trainer off button, only the speed, power, and cadance.
I’m using a tacx flux 2 and running Tacx desktop app version
anybody an idea what I’m doing wrong or are things changed nowadays in the app?
Thank you

I’m having the same/similar issue. However, I’m running TDA on ANT+ through my laptop and TR on BLE. Latest versions of all software. TDA just takes control of the resistance. Been trawling through the settings to switch control of resistance off but can’t find anything. Any suggestions?

I’d reach out to the support team (support@trainerroad.com) so they can take a look at your ride logs and see when and why those resistance queues are happening. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks for the swift response. I think it’s probably a TDA/ANT+ issue. I will investigate further this weekend and get in touch if no progress.