Road race / Gran Fondo / Stage Race Recommendations in USA [ideally with lots of climbing :)]

Dear TR Forum,

My girlfriend and I just moved to the US from Switzerland and are looking for race recommendations in the US. What we have already registered for:

  • Rasputitsa Spring Classic
  • Golden State Fondo
  • SBT Gravel

We are considering the following:

  • Tripple Bypass
  • Green Mountain Stage Race

Our original A-race was planned to be HR Boulder or Asheville, but both were cancelled. Ideally the race would be end of August or even later.

Hence, can you recommend any longer road races, Gran Fondos or Stage races in the US? I will be moving to Colorado soon, so anything in the area would be awesome. However, we are also willing to combine the race with some sight seeing, e.g. California :slight_smile:

Look forward to your ideas and happy holidays,


Markleeville Death Ride
Mammoth Grand Fondo

Cheaha Challenge

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Much longer with 20,000’ / 6180meters climbing is this one near Reno and Lake Tahoe:

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My favorite fondo of the year is B2VT, 150 miles from just outside Boston, MA to Ludlow, VT, with a couple of good climbs thrown in.

If you’re doing Rasputisa, Massochistah takes place a couple of weeks before. This year they’re offering a 70-mile/7000 ft version. Some of the climbs are pretty challenging, especially if the weather is unfriendly.

The Vermont Gran Fondo hits some of the same roads as GMSR, I think and includes climbing the Lincoln Gap which I found to be a challenge, to say the least. There’s also another Vermont stage race in May, The Killington Stage Race.


If you want an excellent stage race with climbing, check out the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend OR which will be end of May time frame.

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I’ve had much fun with Looking Glass Tour in Brevard, NC.

Haven’t done yet but Garret County Fondo is also on my list for this year; There is a 126 mile route that covers 16.5k feet of climbing.

Thanks so much for your great answers this far, highly appreciated.

The rides all look amazing… I want to register for every single one of them. Will need to discuss and let you know what we decide on. Any further recommendations possibly for late August or later, or in California etc. I want to ride all the passes that the TR workouts are named after ,:slight_smile:

Green Mountain Stage Race is an excellent choice. I competed last year Master 35+ CAT4 and that was an amazing experience. The organisation is amazing, the riders are very nice and very strong
This is a stage race, with one particular stage very keen on climbing, the other stage is hilly but wont qualify for an epic climbing day. The TT & the Crit have their % but these wont qualify as climbing days.

GP Charlevoix early June in Quebec is full of epics climbs with grade in the 20…

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Levi’s Gran Fondo & Jensie Gran Fondo - these are usually 1 week apart, so you could do both + sight see in between.

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^ Oct 3 and Sept 27, both in/around San Francisco Bay Area

Here is a full list, a few August options I haven’t heard about:

The most popular with our Sacramento area club seem to be:

  • Davis Double in May
  • DeathRide in July
  • Levi’s Gran Fondo in October
  • Foxy Fall Classic in October
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If you want to come to the East Coast the Garrett County Gran Fondo is a must do.

Tour of Utah - Ultimate Challenge. You get to ride the Queen stage before the pros and party at the finish line… make it a week and pre-ride the stages. 90miles, 9k ft climbing.

LotoJa - the mark of true massive day in the saddle. Logan Utah to Jackson Wyo, 202mi, 9k feet climbing. I think it’s the longest USAC sanctioned race in the US.


valley of the sun SR
Joe martin SR
barry roubaix gravel
gravel nationals (dont need to be us citizen i dont think)
Belgian Waffle Ride
GF WOrlds Vancouver

If you want crits, Tulsa Tough



Coeur d’Fondo in Northern Idaho.


Welcome to the states! I would recommend the Iron Horse Bike Classic in Durango, CO

I would also recommend the Moab Gran Fondo

Another great ride with a lot of climbing is The Ultimate Challenge in Salt Lake City, UT

There are so many great rides in Colorado and the surrounding areas that you really can’t go wrong!

Happy Holidays!

Thanks everyone for your answers. We are likely going to end up doing the following program:


  • Rasputitsa Spring Classic
  • Golden State Fondo
  • Tripple Bypass
  • SBT Gravel
  • Jensie GF
  • Levi’s GF
  • Possibly Killington Stage race or Ironhorse


  • Bike 2VT
  • Golden State Fondo
  • Tripple Bypass
  • Jensie GF
  • Levi’s GF

We will also be using the time between Jensie and Levi’s GF to explore California and visit the Bay Area.

The other races are already on the bucket list and will be targeted in 2021 :slight_smile:

Happy holidays,



The 6Gap Gran Fondo in Georgia has been highly recommended to me by friends, 104 miles and 11,400ft of climbing. It’s late September for 2020, 26+27th

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a lot to do between Jensie and Levi’s, from Napa/Sonoma down the coast to Santa Cruz to Monterey/Carmel and maybe even Big Sur. Enjoy!

Any of the Gran Fondo National Series events are excellent . The Golden GF is in colorado, but in June, try to make it if you can.

I am an ambassador for GFNS and Haute Route. Direct message me and I can help out with registration by sharing a promotion code.