Which Gran Fondo?

To all those that have done either Levi’s Gran Fondo, Phil’s Cookie Fondo, Hincapie Gran Fondo (South Carolina), or any combination of the aforementioned: I’m wanting your thoughts/reviews. I plan to do one in 2021 as a delayed 40th birthday ride.

Or if you have any other Fondos you recommend.

Garrett County Gran Fondo

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I did Levi’s it was fun. The support was good. The roads suck, in terms of quality. I haven’t used sag for a flat. Used the medics for a bee sting on my lower eyelid. Got yelled at by dickheads when the bee got under by glasses, and I went off the road.

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Couer d’Fondo in Idaho. Lots of climbing and very scenic.

The Hincapie fondo seems to be on for 2020 (Saturday, Oct 24, 2020). Has anyone every done it? Is it worth $200? Due to Corona virus, it sounds like they are going to start in waves and then only take times up the three main climbs.

Organization for Levi’s is top notch, and the old route had some epic climbs. The one downside, as pointed out, was that a lot of the roads were in bad shape. I’m really hoping the 2021 courses have better roads.

I swear you will not find a prettier ride than the Whistler Gran Fondo. Starts in Vancouver, B.C., goes through the Rockies and ends in Whistler. You get dedicated bike roads along the sea to sky highway. Be prepared to climb, climb, climb!

World class run event and One word…Breathtaking!!!


Hincapie is one I’d normally recommend, support is great, it’s really pretty and the food and atmosphere after is awesome. However, with the current Corona situation, I don’t think it’s worth the money because a chunk of what makes it awesome just won’t be available. Getting registered early is worth it as you’ll be paying significantly less and they sometimes give extra goodies (entry includes a nice jersey anyway, but early entries often get bibs too as well as a discount). My two cents is go for 2021 where hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the atmosphere.

Thanks for the feedback. We just moved to Knoxville so I’m only a few hours from Greenville. I can go for a weekend anytime and enjoy the riding.