RIP weekly notes?

I think weekly notes will probably be going away if adaptive training graduates to full release (which is surely will over the course of time). I’ll miss weekly notes.

And as long as we’re talking about them … :smiley: I tried the rolling road race place just because it’s not too far out of the envelope for my upcoming race schedule, it’s something new, and plans just got updated. So far it’s been great, BUT! the weekly notes are all jacked up. Ha!

Probably it’s not time well spent to update them. Just saying…it’s kind of interesting to read the notes & get a feel for how the week has evolved from old plan to new.


I think they said they will redo them.

They’ll obviously have to be very general/vague when it comes to describing workouts, but I guess could give birds eye information regarding what Week 6 Rolling Road Race or whatever is targeting overall :man_shrugging:.

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HEY! Sorry for the confusion, yes, they definitely don’t align with the current plans and with Adaptive Training coming out (and those specific workouts mentioned being subject to change with AT), we will be
revisiting this feature!

I’m trying to set up my 2022 Full Distance Plan Builder plan. But every time I go through the plan builder process and add it to my calendar the weekly Swim/Bike/Run description/tips are missing. These are crucial for the Triathlon plans so that I know how the workouts need to be performed. Especially the brick days.

Hey! Since Adaptive Training will frequently adjust workouts in each week of a plan, the current weekly tips will no longer apply. You’ll still be able to see specific workout details/notes for each run and swim activity. :v: