Weekly Training Plan Notes - Now hard to get to

Am I missing something? Now that we have the calendar there’s no quick way to get to the weekly notes. The only way I’ve found is to into the plans as though I’m searching out a new plan and look at the weekly notes. Previously on the career page I could see what’s coming up and click on the weekly notes. I do this as I regularly substitute the Sunday workout for something else and it’s useful to refer to the notes to see what the substitution is. I can then either do the substitute ride, usually a longer workout or as I do, an outside ride the intensity and duration of the longer substitute workout.


I just realized this same thing. I wonder if it’s a calendar feature that is coming in the future?

Here is what I suggested 3 weeks ago.


Does @trainerroad plan on getting the training plan weekly tips into Calendar? I don’t think they can fairly say they’ve coded Chad’s brain with plan builder until this is complete!

That is already added. See this pic from adding a single plan to the calendar:

This also works via the Plan Builder:


What am I missing? I don’t see this option on my calendar. I’ve checked the website calendar, the Mac App and the iOS app.

I think it’s because the week notes don’t show up for any tri plans (I’m assuming you’re on a tri plan), but I may be wrong. Maybe @IvyAudrain can confirm/deny/clarify?

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Thanks @Scheherazade

Curious why the Tri plans wouldn’t have this. I can’t be the only one who would benefit from the added context within the weekly tips

The Tri plans DO have weekly tips! Here’s how to get to them:
From the Training Plans page, select the phase you’re in (base/build/specialty), scroll down to your tri plan and volume, and you’ll be able to see a weekly breakdown with notes. It may be worthwhile to bookmark that page so you can easily access notes throughout your training block.


I think the real question is if/when the Tri version tips will be integrated into the regular app and web calendar view, compared to having to load the Plans page to access them.

Essentially, I think the tri users want to know when will Tri plans match the current function of the cycling-only plans, that show the tips on all of our calendars?


Ah sure.
My understanding is that while we can put the run & swim workout information directly into the calendar for tri plans, the weekly tips are deemed somewhat unnecessary (because weekly tips for tri plans are just run and swim instructions, and those exist as individual activities on the calendar). So, instead of double listing information in the Weekly Tips section, we now just omit the weekly tips for Tri plans.

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