Right. Off-season, focusing on anaerobic capacity

Right. It’s now my off-season, and I’m not starting building base till February. Last year during my off-season I did lots of anaerobic repeats (i.e. 30s or 60s all out then recover for 2-3 minutes & repeat till I get bored/tired/episode ends), and I’d like to replicate it this year, as I am not going to do much of such efforts during the season (my plan is to SSB -> SusPower -> Climbing RR, sometimes supplemented with some sprints).

So now the question - which low volume programme would you recommend to target anaerobic capacity? Or should I craft something on my own?

What’s the reason behind doing so much anaerobic work?

Anaerobic capacity is probably the least persistent of physiological adaptations (especially compared with say, aerobic base capacity). Pre-season may not be the best time to work on this aspect?

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