LVSS Base 1 + Anaerobic workouts

I’ve been thinking about combining low volume SS Base 1 with some of Coach Chad’s maintenance suggestions, particularly regarding anaerobic power workouts:


My thinking is that, by weaving in a weekly anaerobic workout, I could get the benefit of the base workouts, plus hang on to some of the anaerobic gains I made last season, thereby moving on to greater heights next season. The only negative I can think of could be plateauing due to prolonged intensity. Has anybody tried this? I’d be interested in hearing others’ opinions, too.

I’ve actually been thinking about this too. I’m doing more gym work during the base period (hypertrophy + maxpower phases spread over SSB and a part of general build), which makes me think that anaerobic/sprint cycling workouts might not be necessary and could even be detrimental. Maybe its better to mix things up and change the way you attack your anaerobic system by doing gym work instead of sprints on the bike. And then leave the actual anaerobic cycling specific workouts for later in the season.

I’m also interested in hearing others’ opinions.