Riding a GPX route on TR possible?

Is it possible to upload a GPX file to TR and simply free ride the route based on the course profile as opposed to hitting power targets?

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If I’m understanding your question correctly this thread might be of some help…

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Either Garmin or Wahoo headunits can control your trainer using a previous ride.

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Thanks I am aware of how to do it with my Elemnt Bolt…but since I have a TR subscription it would be nice to see the workout on a bigger screen.

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not supported at the current time. The only other option I’m aware of is to manually create a workout in the Workout Creator.

There is a method that involves using Best Bike Split. I’ve seen it described and o want to make a specific post so we can reference it for new users.

So, if someone can share the info or link to the method, I will make the dedicated post.


Thanks for remembering, and its already written!


And for some added guidance, here are the step by step instructions for this process from the BestBikeSplit Support Center:

TrainerRoad is a great indoor training tool that allows athletes to follow well thought out indoor power workouts. These workouts based on power and duration are typically called ERG (Watts vs. Time) or MRC (%FTP vs. Time) workouts. By combining your Best Bike Split race plans with indoor training provided by TrainerRoad you can start to pre train and get an accurate simulation of how it will feel on race day. We have also created a beta TrainerRoad specific file type that will be enhanced over time. Simple steps for getting race based power workouts transferred from Best Bike Split to the TrainerRoad application.

  1. First you must have a Best Bike Split and a TrainerRoad account.
  2. Create a Athlete Profile in Best Bike Split to get baseline information such as FTP.
  3. Upload a course or courses you wish to model into Best Bike Split in .GPX or .FIT format or choose one or more courses from our growing database.
  4. Create a race plan based on Goal IF, Time or TSS.
  5. From the Race Details page download the ERG, MRC, or TrainerRoad file type.
  6. Open the TrainerRoad Workout Creator.
  7. Drag the file from your downloads folder onto the left side of the Workout Creator.
  8. Name your workout in the Workout Creator and select Publish which is on the lower right.
  9. Open the TrainerRoad app and check out your BBS workout under the custom workouts.

I think it is also possible to do the same from Golden Cheetah. I was able to create an erg file from a previous ride so the process to get it to work in TR should be pretty much the same as in BBS. Golden Cheetah is free, however… :grin:

@Nprazeres have you tried this recently? I just selected a previous outside ride, and used the Workout Creator wizard in GC which only allowed me to “Gradient ride (slope based)” and it didn’t look like an Erg workout. And it resulted in .crs file, versus .mrc files of Erg interval workouts I’ve created.

First time trying it in GC, maybe I missed something.

This is a great capability! I was aware of being able to use a Wahoo head unit to replay a route, but this is better as it doesn’t require Yet Another Bluetooth/Ant deveice to make it work. I’m gonna give this a try!


Do we need to pay for BestBikeSplit?
I have a Tacx Flux & am looking for a way to upload/use the 2019 Ironman Canada gpx ride for training. With over 8,000 feet of elevation gain I need all the help I can get.

BestBikeSplit is a paid service, however, I believe the first one is free. So if you only have one course you need to evaluate, you should be able to try it out for free :+1:


Hi all

Just to note, although it says to import GPX or FIT, it requires for the file that you upload to be a workout that has been completed with power data and gradients. Without this information, the file will not upload. I have to say though for the trainerroad txt files I’ve uploaded to test, it’s great to see you can edit the description if you want :slight_smile: Absolutely love it. Working on something a little complicated at the moment, but hopefully it will materialise soon - only issue is I’ve not ridden it, only have the gpx file. So struggling…