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I found this honey stinger waffle buried in my sports nutrition drawer. It’s recently expired but my very favoritest flavor. Should I risk it?


There’s been an apocalyptic event. Woody Harrelson rolls up on a truck full of 4 year old stroopwafels. Does he eat them? You bet he does!



Yeah, I’d eat it. I have had their waffles out of expiration by a year or two (but not 3.5!) and had no issues.

Worst case scenario is you have a grumbly tumbly for a day…


I would risk it, but only if I like that particular flavor. Which, in this case, I do. No obvious tears in the packaging? No signs of nibbling from a vermin of any sort? Go for broke.

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Not really sure what could actually go bad in a sealed bag? I’d wager to say the expiration date is as long as they’ve tested the bag. If it’s still sealed, I say send it. If it give you the poops, I then say sorry! Haha

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I’d sniff it, nibble it, and if it tastes ok, eat the rest. With stuff like that, the fat in it might go off, making it taste weird. Obviously if there’s any mould or it smells weird, stop at the sniffing step!

Don’t blame me if it makes your guts fo mad at you though.

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Yes. And find and eat elderberries if you are lost. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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That’s a nice vintage right threre, I would savor that stroop waffle.


If it was a Twinkie I would not think twice. They last for years

Heh. And here just today I and my research coordinator poured $1000 of beyond “best by” placebo Beet It! down the drain.

OMG, that is funny!

What a cruel thing. I can hear the commercial now…‘All the great taste of beets. None of the ergogenic benefits.’ Ha! That’s awesome.

Its vintage. Like fine wine. EAT IT.

I’d eat it, but towards the end of the ride!

That way you’re close to the safety of your own bathroom if the results are traumatic and/or explosive.

It still contains other nutrients, e.g., antioxidants, that might provide potential health benefits, or least have a biological effect. Indeed, the handful of studies published to date suggest that the “vehicle” matters, i.e., in terms of improvements in exercise performance beet juice is superior to a simple nitrate salt (e.g., KNO3). I’m not entirely convinced that this is true, however, because 1) this isn’t the case with respect to other outcomes (e.g., blood pressure), and 2) despite a pretty comprehensive assessment, we were unable to detect any changes in oxidative stress markers after 2 wk of daily supplementation in this recent study:

I’ve long had a head-to-head comparison of Beet It! vs. a nitrate salt on my “to do” list, but would need more students (and probably funding, as the hospital pharmacy doesn’t work cheap) to get it done. Until then, we will continue to buy the nitrate-free Beet It! (at $15 per “shot”), rather than cheaping out and using, e.g., colored and flavored water as a “placebo” as some have done.

Now aren’t you sorry you brought it up? :rofl::rofl:

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I eat expired food all the time. It’s fun!

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Me too! It’s like buying lotto tickets, only cheaper and more fun.

Well I’m trying to keep it low key so this forum doesn’t turn into a Coggan AMA but if you keep making posts like that it’s a little bit like painting the tiger’s stripes. But if you could change your handle to ‘not_Coggan’ I’m sure that would seal your anonymity.

I’ll have one shot of expired placebo Beet It! & vodka, please. (known colloquially as a Russian Dirt)


Oh no, now that I’ve read that, I’ve more faff to add to my pre-race prep again…

The “natural product” vs salt solution study is interesting, not just for nitrate. I’d easily believe that just taking KNO3 salt won’t work, similarly to drinking beet juice without it, mainly because it’d be too easy if it would…

Missed opportunity for recruiting students right there!