How to Search Activity History (Career, Past Rides)

I’m looking for a way to search my activity/workout history. Search on keyword, activity duration, filter on workout metrics. For instance, I would like to see a list of all my Ramp Tests with a high level summary of data, ie: duration, TSS, IF, avg metrics, etc…

Is this currently possible? I can’t seem to locate it…


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Not a lot of great options. You can go to the TR website > Career > Past Rides.

  • Then use the search box. You can use workout name or info you know is in the “Notes” section, because the search will find based on both of those.
  • You can also filter a bit in the box I underlined.

Once you have search results, you can skim the high level data and any notes are visible. If you want to dig in more, open any or all workouts as desired.

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Thanks Chad, I wasn’t aware of this screen/functionality so this will help somewhat. Would be nice if the search options were a little more flexible, such as: sweet spot workouts, workouts >90min, IF/TSS ranges, etc. Then it would be nice to be able to sort the results.

I really appreciate the quick response.



Happy to help. I am adding the “Feature Request” tag to your thread title and category.

I think this request makes sense and should likely draw parallel search function and filters as the regular “Workouts” section. This could allow for more targeted, and yet broad (like searching “Sweet Spot” workouts instead of needing to know particular workouts) to see a range of results.

I am tagging @Bryce, because I don’t think I have seen a detailed feature request along these lines yet.

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