Overview of workouts done by zone

I would like to be able to see which workouts I did by zone and maybe sort by PL and filter by date

I know I could scroll through the calendar but this gets quite long after a while.

There is one option that exists at present, that might be at least part of what you want.

  1. Open your Career page on the TR website.
  2. Open your Past Rides section.
  3. Use the “All Zones” filter and select the specific Zone of interest.
  • This gives you all workouts with that TR Zone tag, listed from most recent at top to oldest down the list.
    • I am unaware of a way to filter by date or PL, but you might be able to use the “Search” box to refine the list in other ways to help.


That was actually what I was looking for now it should be in the app too…

Yeah, looking into the Android app at least, it lacks the Personal Records, Training Stress and Past Rides sub-sections of the Career that are available on the web. Could be handy to add those to the TR App specifically, as the crux of this Feature Request.

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