Ride a course and do a workout on Garmin

This morning I wanted to do a Trainerroad workout outside, but this week follow a certain course. I could not see how to do this. When I picked the workout I had the option to pick a course. This was under the preview graph for the workout. I did this. All it seemed to do was load the route and want me to start. I couldn’t see how to start the workout I have a Garmin Edge 1030.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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^ this! I could also use some advice from someone who knows the specific steps to get this to work…

It’s depressing that this question has been asked over and over on Garmin’s own forums for years (in context of both bike and run courses/workouts), and Garmin can’t ever be bothered to answer.

The consensus seems to be that starting navigation first, then going back to select a workout, has the greatest chance of success. If I manage to get it working I’ll post some notes.

It’s worked for me on a 520 and 530. Pretty sure I’ve always started the course first, and then select the workout. Might work the other way too. I’ve loaded short workouts on the fly during a ride. And loaded connector routes on the fly. Don’t overthink it, you can’t do both at the same time. Start one, then start the other.

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I’ve done it on my 530 by

  • Selecting the workout

  • Click ride

  • Click the same (top right) button again

  • Find a course is at the top of that menu

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I’d have to go back and try this again … but one problem is that if I start a Course, then when I go to select a Workout, I don’t get that day’s TR workout to select … I do get some old random Workout, but my TR workouts seemed to be filed differently (under ‘Training Plan’) on the Garmin unit.

Thanks - yeah, I thought that’s what I tried yesterday, but about 3 miles into a 25 mile route the workout stopped and my Garmin announced we’d got to the end of the route. Will try it again next weekend.
I created myself a ‘workout’ profile that streamlines all the screens and alerts (so I don’t get drinking/eating reminders etc), so I wondered if that was the issue - but the profile does include a screen for navigation, so I expected it to pop up and offer directions only when a turn came up.

I did get it work, but I can’t remember which way round it I did I it. To @wysbf2 point, I think I started the workout first. I will need to re-try it when I next ride outside.

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