Outdoor workouts and Navigation on Garmin

@Cavasta wrote this question back in October. It was never answered and I was wondering the same thing.

"Is it possible to do a TR outdoor workout on a Garmin while following a route using the Garmin’s GPS/navigation capabilities? If so, what’s the sequence for getting going - load and start the route first followed by the workout or vice versa?

Scenario: I’ve created a route using Ride With GPS and transferred it to my Garmin. I would like to follow the route using the Garmin (using GPS, turn by turn navigation, etc.) while simultaneously doing a TR outdoor workout that has also been loaded onto my Garmin from TR. Can this be done?"


It depends, on my EDGE 810 I had to load a workout then search for and load a course. On my 830 I have the option to select a course prior to starting the workout on the “training” screen.

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I asked the same question on this thread New Garmin firmware and outdoor ride screens.

It is possible, but it could certainly be easier in my opinion