Outdoor Workouts + Strava Routes. Possible?

I’ve got a garmin 1030 and have both outdoor workouts and the strava connect IQ app for routing. Is it possible to run both simultaneously?
If so how?

I don’t use the connect IQ app, but this might help. Outdoor workouts and Navigation on Garmin

I have an Edge 530 and do Strava Routes and outdoor workout. I just started doing it but it seems to work best if you start the route first then choose the workout second.

I’ve got a 530 and it’s always worked. Simply load and start the route. I typically ride a little ways and then hit the upper right button and select a workout. From reading the link @bazcurtis provided it looks like some are trying to “load both the route and workout before hitting start” - I don’t think thats possible but never tried it myself.

@bbarrera that is a good spot. I have never thought about adding the workout after the start. I think Garmin could make this a lot easier. Next time I go out, I will try it.

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I make workout snippets that are just the intervals (no warmup or cool down) for example something like Ebbetts:

And then I ride 15-20 minutes to leave the city and only then load the workout.

I’ll need to try loading the route, riding for a bit then starting the workout. Not sure if @Jonathan has any voodoo magic on this topic, he seems to know all the ins and outs.

I tried this morning loading both while still stationary. For those that have used strava routes you know it takes a while to load the route especially if its a big one. I couldn’t get the workout to load simultaneously

@RONDAL, I have a Garmin 820 and I’ve used both successfully for outdoor workouts. I’ve always loaded the Strava route first then the TR workout. I haven’t had an issue starting both prior to moving. I have not tried it in reverse order, since it has always worked for me by loading the route then the workout.