Retain Trainer Mode Setting, ERG / Resistance (Feature Request)

When I jump on Trainerroad first thing it’s always in the default of Erg mode and then I have to switch again to resistance. It sounds like a small thing and it is but every morning it’s a bit of a bother and when it happens I’m usually grogily scrolling through a playlist just spinning at 50rpm or so putting headphones in and that 120 watts warmup wattage at 50rpm before I’ve got chance to switch the mode is not a pleasant thing at all. It’s like starting out with a high force drill. Can it remember which mode you were in last time you used it?

Somewhat related issue I noticed after a recent update… I used to just “free spin” before a workout kinda like you mention, with no resistance. Then when I was ready, as soon as I hit start on TR the resistance (ERG) would pick up to the target.

The issue is now before hitting start the trainer is not in a “free spin” state, it is already shooting for the target wattage before hitting start. So I have to put it to standard mode to get the same effect. Not a big deal but extra steps I never had to do for the last 3 years.