Resistance Mode Level on start up

After doing a workout in Resistance mode at say 40% Resistance, does the trainer “remember” this setting and default to it if you just hop on it the next day and start pedalling before opening the TR App?

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The way I’ve got it set up it doesn’t (doesn’t mean to say it can’t be done and it’d be useful). At the moment I just toggle off ERG at the start of a ride and I think resistance just goes to whatever the ERG resistance was, 21% is the normal figure and I just experiment from there.

  • No, TR does not have the ability to “lock” a smart trainer into a prescribed Resistance level unless it is actively connected to the trainer.

  • The experience you have with a smart trainer when it is not connected to an app will vary with each trainer model. Some have no real resistance and will spin out quickly. Some can be set to a prescribed level, even when not plugged in, and others will default to a specific resistance level with plugged in and not connected to a device or app.

  • So to better answer specifically, we’d need to know your trainer.

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  • TR does not do an A=B conversion when you swap trainer modes. When you swap from ERG to Resistance, it applies the Resistance percentage that was last used. If you have never altered it, this should be the default value from TR. That value may well differ from trainer to trainer (IIRC based on prior discussions with TR reps).

  • If you alter the Resistance percentage, TR stores this value and will return to it as you cycle through modes in a given workout. It should also pick up this value in new TR sessions since I believe they store this value for continued use.


Thanks. Thats fine and what I wanted to know. Its an Elite Zumo and I think it may revert to the default Elite settings - whatever they are.

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