Have I been in ERG mode?

Sorry for this question, but I’m totally new to trainers! I have a Cycleops Hammer Smart Trainer. I did nothing but connect it to TrainerRoad (and Zwift a few times) and simply started pedaling. Then I started reading some threads about ERG mode. Was I supposed to select the setting somewhere? Or if the resistance is changing on it’s own, then I guess I am in ERG mode?

Yes, it will be in ERG mode by default. If the resistance changes by itself then it’s in ERG mode.

If the resistance is changing as directed then you are in ERG mode. This should be completely by default so there shouldn’t be much you have to do besides connecting it to the application you are using

okay, cool. Thanks!

Usually when doing a TR workout there is a little box at the bottom of the screen that says ‘ERG’, this means you are in ERG mode, mine sets ERG as default. Just have a look next time you a doing a workout and see if its says ERG at the bottom (next to HR monitor icon etc)

Okay, I’ll look, thanks again for the help!