Old style training plans

I understand the desire for the new calendar based training plans, and I see how these will work well for many dedicated cyclists. BUT… please bring back the old style plans, as the calendar simply doesn’t work for me.

I’m a casual tri-athlete. So I simply don’t have time to do 3 cycles every week, and also fit in my run and swim training. Also, CASUAL. Sometimes I’ll need to go a week, or a few days, with life getting in the way. With the old plan style I could get a well planned increasing workload, where I would just pick up from where I left off every time I could fit in a cycle. Skipping and going onto the next one is not an option, as then the workload increase is too steep.

I know there is a push week, but often my push is not going to be an exact week. Now I’d have to spend half an hour moving all the remaining workouts in the plan, every time I missed one. Even if a push x days option was added… I want to cycle, not spend my time maintaining a calendar.

Could you please bring back an option to do a training plan, old style?


Don’t quote me on it but I think they have something in the pipeline. There are quite a few people like us that arent as structured as the majority! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just click on the workout you want to do and then ‘load workout’ you don’t have to do them in order. You can skip ahead or go back to workouts you’ve missed. Also look out for the workout variations, they allow a slightly harder/easier version of the same workout.

I know I can do both of those.

I really appreciated the simplicity of the old way: get on bike, open trainer road, start. No faffing about with calendar maintenance. No searching for plan. No remembering where I’d got to and scrolling to find the right workout to open. I know these are only small things, but the same could be said of anyone who wanted a calendar approach.

The real nice thing when either the calendar or the old plan style was was working for you, is open trainerroad, done, what you want is right there. I miss that experience. The calendar is not my use case.


Agree. You can do everything I want to with new Calender just the old one did that too and I accepted the old ones limitations.

I use TR to fit in 3 workouts a week not building to a particular event, just going through the cycles
Sometimes weeks gets pushed a week or two or sometimes don’t feel like the prescribed workout that day and will reorganise my Training week to suit. Old plan didn’t make it look like you’ve missed a workout if your not organised them and going to do it on a Wednesday this week than Tuesday.

The old plan I could do above perfectly well.

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yeah i share the same sentiment. the old style plans just simply worked for those that dont want to work off a ‘calendar’ per se


Quick suggestion until TR come up with something better for you.

Add a plan to your calendar. But keep the workouts pushed one week out so that no workouts are actually scheduled for your current week. Then when you have time to workout, drag the first/next workout from the plan either to the day you expect to ride it.

I tend to ride early in the morning, so night before I have to get everything ready like water, gear, bike on trainer etc. I also check what workout I am doing to do so I have nothing to think about when I wake up except to hop on the bike, load TR and start the workout. With 2 small kids, I often find myself grabbing toilet or toothbrush time to plan tomorrows workout :slight_smile:

If you keep pushing the remaining workouts by one week away, its really easy to just grab that next workout and slot it in there. For me at least, the calendar has made just hoping on the bike a lot more efficient. I hope you can find a way that it will work well for you too.


Thanks, that’s a work around I hadn’t thought of.

I’m not sure why you think this is more efficient than the old way of the next workout just being ready and waiting without the pushing and pulling, But this is what I’ll do for now.

Well. Mostly because I end up following the plan so it’s efficient that way for me. But for example this week I pushed out my plan a week and just stuck in a few unorganized sessions on various days I thought I could do as I wanted an easier week. Once that’s done, I can now just brain dead wake up and follow rather than have to remember what I wanted to do. So I’m loving it.

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