Rest day in calendar (iOS)

Hi all

I’m following SSBII LV and adding in some additional Z2 sessions (usually 60 minutes) if I have some free time, just to keep the legs ticking over. Usually in my TR calendar it just says ‘no planned workouts or races’ but today after 3 consecutive days, it says ‘rest day’. Is this new or have a missed something until now?


I was wondering the same!
Although I’ve had a day of no riding between each previous workout

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I ignored it. Although I will probably suffer doing Mary Austin this afternoon!!!

Yep mount good was only postponed for a day :sob:

I’d noticed this too. My assumption (not tested) was that it just appears as the description for the current day if you don’t have anything scheduled. Future empty days are “no planned workouts or races” current empty day is “rest day”.

Oddly historic empty days seem to revert back to “no planned workouts or races” (after having been described as “rest day” for 24 hours)

Sorry for the delayed response, I wanted to check with the team to see if this was intended behavior. In short: it isn’t, we removed ‘Rest Day’ from the calendar as it was causing confusion. It may still appear for some, and we’re currently working on the fix. :v:

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Thanks for the response Ivy. Hope I’ve helped squash some bugs!

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