Rest Day activity option on Train Now screen

With the rest day option on the Train Now page (might also be good to add to the main page) I’m just trying to work out the benefit of noting it being a rest day instead of just not riding.

As far as my recovery goes it’s the same, however does TR count the day differently?

I think an ab workout is a pretty good option

I might have described it incorrectly, it’s not a what should I do question (I threw the kettlebells around) more of a software question (hence the software tag).

I was wondering what the benefit of marking it a rest day was opposed to leaving it with nothing scheduled.

I do not think it makes a difference. It’s just a note (description) of that day.
I don’t think TR pays any attention to the name of a workout. It’s only concerned about the efforts involved.

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It actually puts an annotation entry into the calendar. Think I might drop support a quick message.

I had the same question, glad to find it here. If noting it affects the plan, it would be nice to be able to annotate it on the calendar directly. And if it has no effect on training, seems a bit random as an option just through Train Now.

I’ll update this thread once support get back to me.

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Choosing the “Rest Day” option won’t do anything different to your plan – it will have the same end result as simply not riding. It’s on there more as an option to remind athletes, “Hey, if nothing is scheduled on your plan today and you’re currently on a yellow/red day, you can always rest instead!” It can be nice to have that reminder on there – especially for athletes who tend to do a bit “extra” and forget that resting is always a good option, too. :slight_smile: