Resistance Mode Setup

I have been doing my workouts on ERG mode since I have started with TR but I have decided to try resistance mode this week and learn how to do my workouts while I am on rest week.

I am using Tacx Neo V1. I guess TR removed standard mode so the only option I have is Resistance mode. What should we the resistance percentage? When I set it up for 15% then it seems i can work, otherwise I can not pedal at all. What are the best practices ?



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You can use any % that allows you to use your gearing to hit the high and low target powers.

It is highly trainer dependent and will take some experimentation. But I expect that 10-30% is a workable range for most riders and trainers, at least to start.


Just the other day, about 10 minutes into Baxter, I thought I’d try resistance mode, which I’d never done before. Its default setting is 50%,and like you said, I could hardly pedal. I decided to learn about using resistance mode sometime other than in the middle of a workout. Sounds like dialing it down to 15-30% is normal? It seems funny to me that it would be set up that way.

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I have a Kickr Core and 25% was a decent starting point.

I’d really like a feature whereby you could toggle in and out of resistance mode on the main screen on the iPhone app.


And don’t switch ERG/RES mode in the middle of a workout and leave it in the resistance setting screen too long tinkering with the slider - your power will not record correctly - you have to return to the graph.

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We have an open Feature Request for this function to be added to the mobile app.


I use TR thick client on my PC so maybe its easier to manage changes there. I have a tacx vortex and for me <10% for recovery, 25-40% for tempo to low end of SS, and 60% for SS and above for me.

I used resistance solely before coming to TR so I’m used to the finding gearing and resistance that works.

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I think I am still confused with the funtionslity of this resistance mode. We have power to be applied from TR, why do we need resistance mode than.

As I am on last week of SSB2, I am giving try outs to it. I can simply turn the pedals above 30%. 15% is the best match. But what does that mean? Maybe a good topic for this week’s podcast, @Jonathan?

Here is my workout from last night with resistance set to 15%. It seems perfect, but as soon as I raise it to 20, power is all around the place :slightly_smiling_face:

The purpose of resistance mode is that you use your gears to change the effort level rather than let the workout decide for you. So the rider needs to manually hit the power target rather than the trainer locking you into it.

Sounds like 50% is definitely not the right value for default - maybe you should log a support ticket.

I’m going to guess a resistance mode of 50% will be 50% of your trainer’s maximum resistance.
If you have an expensive trainer that can simulate 15% gradient - that is going to be a lot of resistance.

Resistance mode you will need to use your gears to ride - so it’s just case of finding a resistance that in your top gear you won’t be spinning out on basically. I would start at 10% and go up from there if required, rather than 50% and down.

As Chad has said…

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Now it makes a lot of sense. And probably the max resistance at your top gear as you said.
So I have Tacx Neo at 15%. Its max resistance is 2200Watts which means, I should be able to push 330 at my max gear.

I will test it. Good catch, thank you!


I spoke to TR customer support and they only removed standard mode for ANT+, to support ANT+ F-EC control of the trainer. Standard mode is still there if you have a BlueTooth equipped laptop or a dongle.


So now standard mode is back in the TR Beta app and the Wahoo KICKRs only appear as FE-C trainers, not power meters. I’m glad to have standard mode back. Level 2 is my go to setting.

I just found this thread before I asked a question about Resistance Mode. I have a Stac Zero Halcyon which also has the ability to set a resistance percentage. My question is: Is the percentage in the TR app a percentage of the trainers maximum OR a percentage of the percentage set in the Trainers App? Thanks