Please help me with resistance mode :)

I simply hate it :slight_smile:

I can not find my resistance set up for any workout. I set it up between 15%-30% but I am not able to find my correct gear. It is either too high or too low.

Can someone provide me a link or info how this crab mode works? :slight_smile:

ps: I am using Tacx Neo V1


When in resistance mode, you have to shift gears and/or adjust your cadence to meet the power target as you would if you were outdoors. Obviously if the resistance is too low or too high, depending on your bike’s gearing, you may have problems w/the high end or low end watts required for the workout.

I follow all above points but I can not get it work. I just can not hit the target. And it feels much much harder than ERG mode. I am sure I am missing something.

Old days we had standard mode and It was working fine. When I use my Tacx Desktop software, everything seems OK though.

FYI… I too have a Neo1. I am almost always in ERG mode, but I occasionally drop out of ERG which defaults the resistance to 15%. At this point, I have to shift gears to meet the necessary power target.

When you say it’s too hard, do you mean the resistance or trying to meet the power target for the interval?

I mean overall…

When I train with ERG mode, I finish the workouts easily but when I do it in Resistance mode, I am totally wasted. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, are you using the same power measurement device for both modes? I.e. not using the Neo’s power values in one mode and a seperate power meter’s in the other.
My experience, across a number of trainers, has always been that a set wattage in one mode always feels just like that same wattage in another mode. With resistance mode you have to work a bit more consciously to switch between power levels, but with experience you can usually work out what gear and cadence a specified power output equates to. The only time I’ve really had problems is when power match has stopped working without me noticing, leaving erg mode power being measured by my trainer and resistance by my power meter

No I use trainer as a power source in both cases. If I use my race bike with PM, with Powermatch, I dont face any issues.

I think we need to haveStandard mode back in TR app.

Are you riding w/the same cadence for a given interval as you would when using ERG mode?

I can say without a doubt that XXX watts feels the same whether I am in resistance mode or ERG mode. If anything, sometimes it feels easier in resistance mode because there is nothing restricting the natural variation of power output. You don’t have the unnatural tug of war w/the ERG micro adjustments. This is especially true the higher the wattage.

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Thank you for the explanation. I will give it another try tonight. Otherwise will continue in ERG mode.

Same issue here. I can not find resistance level that works for me on Neo 2. Also resistance mode on TR feels different than resistance mode (slope mode) on Zwift - there is much less momentum on TR.

At 12-14 resistance changing gears in the middle of my cassette brings a difference of 5-10 watts at the same RPM, which is too little. It used to be closer to 30 watt difference where I could play with the cadence and bring it up or down by ~5 rpm to zero-in on power that I want. The net-net of this is that I have to change gears a ton to complete a workout.

Finally for anything with IF >= 1 I used to be able to find a gear in big ring that works, then shift to small ring for recovery intervals (.4 IF), now it takes switching to small gear + 2-3 rear cassette clicks to get there.

Idk if this is a Neo issue or TR issue but I don’t have the same issues on Zwift which makes me think it’s TR.

What you describe with the cassette gear changes sounds accurate to me. If you were to ride outside, that’s what you would do to keep your cadence around the same when swapping from the big gear to the lower gear.

Is there a reason you’re using resistance over ERG mode? It’s so much simpler to set up the cleanest chain line, pick your cadence and hold on in ERG than to futz with shifting in resistance mode imo.

Get used to high watts at 80-100 rpm, if training for outdoor rides.

Sorry to hijack with my own suggestion, but I’ve always kind of wanted the ability to have a free ride mode with erg, i.e. you can dial in the specific watts, kind of like how you do it with the wahoo fitness app. not sure how useful that would be to people, but it was an idea I’ve had in my mind

Sprint sessions specifically.

In my experience excessive ERG mode riding does not translate well into IRL riding.

I do expect to have some level of shifting to get to desired cadence/power, however I do not think that it is reasonable to shift to small chain ring and go through half a cassette just to back off from VO2Max interval to recovery interval and then back to VO2Max.

I rode TR using computrainer for a couple of years (2016-2018sh) and never had this issue.

I think the issue is, it is not clear how much the trainer resistance should be. I assume that putting the resistance to zero is like standard mode and should simulate road like ride. But then even I put the lowest gear, it feels so easy then if raise the resistance not able to hit the power.

  • That is an incorrect assumption.

Resistance mode is effectively a percentage of resistance:

  • 0% is no resistance.
  • 25% is 25% of the peak resistance available of the trainer.
  • 50% is 50% of the peak resistance available of the trainer.
  • etc.

As such if your peak trainer resistance is 1000w, then 50% should be about 500w. This is not necessarily hard and fast, and relies on cadence among other things, but it is easier to think about in this way.

Ref info:


If you increase the resistance, the power jump between gears should be larger (for a given cadence). It will likely mean that you have to do your work interval in a lower gear, but it should require a smaller gearing shift to get to recovery power level.

Hi Chad, can you explain why you have chosen to mimic the linear increase of a magnetic trainer in your software modelling, rather than the outdoor curve represented on your graph. It seems odd to recreate something artificial?
Thanks Ian

I am not Coach Chad Timmerman, so I’m the wrong person to ask.

Also, the real Coach Chad is the wrong person to ask that question because he probably didn’t set that up.

I’d suggest an email to and a better rep will hopefully be able to get your question answered.