Resistance mode change

I am requesting that in resistance mode where you change the % of resistance instead on a slide bar allow direct number input. ie type in 37% instead of trying to slide to a number. Could be just me but I can never make precise adjustments.


I agree with you on this one! I use an “Air Mouse” and finessing the slider is nearly impossible. Would rather type it in.

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I agree. Maybe on the TR app, the volume buttons could be used to control the resistance when the trainer is in resistance mode?

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I’ve only used resistance mode on one occasion, but I’m a little unsure on how the percentage slide works? What does each percentage increase equate to in terms of watts or resistance? I’m using a Tacx Neo

It’s effectively a percentage of the trainees total resistance. Depending on your FTP something around 15-35% is probably a good start.

FYI, you can use the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard to make adjustments in increments of 1%.


so resistance mode 20% is same as slope 2% for example? I’m always confused here. I normally use 20-30% when I’m using resistance mode.

Not necessarily. Don’t try to equate Standard and Resistance modes.

Resistance = percentage of trainer max resistance level (think of percent relative to max watt resistance rating)

Standard = estimated slope of a road (think of a 2% vs 8% hill)


Thanks Chad! Yes, I do understand a little bit better now :smiley:

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I’m also confused with this resistance mode - I run Kickr Core connected to a gen 2 Ipad through 30 pin ANT+ dongle

So if I go into the app select the trainer under devices and change from erg to Resistance and use the slider % to say 20% then the power should be 360W (KickR Core has max power of 1800 w X 20% = 360w)

Is my understanding correct ?

When people refer to slope mode - this is where it should simulate a slope of 2% out on the road - So where in the app settings do we find slope mode - I can only see ERG & Resistance mode ?

  • I believe that is correct with one consideration. That is theoretically the resistance applied with respect to the max/min of the trainer. The actual resistance “feel” for you will vary based on selected gearing.

Resistance Mode

This mode mimics the functionality of a magnetic trainer with a linear power curve. This mode includes a variable resistance setting that can be electronically adjusted.

Changing Gears

  • When using resistance mode, you’ll need to change gears as you typically would while riding outdoors. To reduce wear on your trainer, try to select your gearing that limits cross chain as much as possible. This will also keep you riding as quietly as possible indoors.

  • Slope/Standard modes are not available for all trainers.
  • It is limited to certain trainers and even some connection protocols IIRC.
  • If you don’t see the Slope/Standard option in your list, it is not available.
  • I don’t know of a list for the trainers and connections that offer them, but you may be able to get that from if you contact them.

Couldn’t agree more. May I please request that either a number can be entered, or there are + and - buttons, just like with the intensity setting?

Adjusting this thing is nigh on impossible, and is simply murderous when one is in the middle of a tough interval and trying to get an appropriate resistence setting.

Please may I officially open a feature request for this?

Many thanks

No request needed, because it’s already in place for PC/Mac, the Left & Right arrow keys adjust the Resistance/Standard mode value.

Thanks for your reply @mcneese.chad

I was actually referring to mobile, has porting this functionality over to mobile been discussed and or /considered at all?

Thanks again

Got it. We have for sure requested an easier method to swap modes on mobile. This request seems to cover your request via the comments above and your particular emphasis.

TR product managers watch these and likely have them on the which list.

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Thanks again.

Just for clarity. My request is not in relation to ease of switching modes.

It’s that when in resistance mode, the slider to adjust resistance is basically impossible to use with any degree of accuracy. Thus I am requesting that this be replaced (or added to) with + and - buttons just like the intensity setting (or even a text box would do), such that a percentage can reliably be entered. This would surely be rather simple to implement, and would enhance UX greatly.

Many thanks!

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+100 for making resistance mode percentage adjustment easier on mobile (Android).

Also it would be nice to be able to do it directly in the workout screen, without the need to go to trainer settings (and pausing the workout in the process). I.e. something similar to the workout intensity adjustment control.

I’m missing this feature almost always when doing non-erg mode workouts (which I nowadays do quite often), to be able to fine-tune desired cadence to a target power.

Well, after searching to understand this finally I do. Thanks Chad! Quick follow up if you have a moment. I have a Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer and started doing all my workouts without the erg mode (There is a method to my madness!). I have been using resistance mode lately…do you think that is the best mode if I turn off ERG? Or does it really even matter. Thanks in advance for your time!

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It is really personal preference, IMO.

I am not aware of any study that points to measurable differences in results from using any mode vs another. From my own testing, and a simple gut feeling, I think any differences in actual training impact between modes is probably minor.

However, I do think that looking at the question from the basic perspective of “what seems most appropriate for my needs” is the way to go.

Sorry for not giving a concrete answer, but like much of this training world, there is no single answer that is right for everyone. For example, I use ERG for maybe 80-90% of my indoor time. I mix in RES mode for particular workouts, or even swap within a single workout, to suit what I think I need or even prefer for a given effort/block. But I know other people swear by any of the other options (like Resistance or Slope/Level/Standard) and that is great for them. It’s the “ask 5 different people, get 10 different answers” type of situation.

As of now, I believe people need to experiment with whatever options they have and choose what seems best for their preference and training goals. It may well be that one mode works best for people the majority of the time. But I also recommend considering a mix-up from time to time as well.


Always nice to have a voice of reason! :slight_smile: Thank you Chad and Merry Christmas!

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