Standard Mode Questions

Trying to move away from ERG mode and into using Standard mode as often with ERG when I am fatigued by cadence will drop off into the 60s.

The thing is I don’t understand how Standard mode works.

If I turn up the 100% resistance is that affecting the resistance coming through the trainer? I have started experimenting with Endurance rides with standard mode, haven’t done any intervals and like that I can keep a normal cadence where it would be lower if I was fatigued in ERG mode but find my power is all over the place. If I hit the 1/9 thing though it goes from like 135 watts to like 170 watts. Using ERG mode sometimes if my power was all over the place in an interval (spike at start, drop into a v and then increase towards at the end) in a way that had me miss the target power slightly I could increase the target to 101 or 102% and eliminate that.
Does the resistance percentage move the target without effecting resistance in Standard mode? Is the only way to adjust resistance the 1-9 scale?
Are you supposed to shift in Standard mode or not?

Standard “resistance” mode is just setting a fixed resistance on your trainer and you need to match the target watts via how fast you pedal and what gear you are in. Think of it like riding on a steady-sloped road outside where you are doing your intervals. At times, you will be soft pedaling in an easy gear and then shift into harder gears to hit your power targets as they go up and down for intervals and rest periods.

Depending on your trainer and workout details, it can be tricky to have enough resistance dialed up and still be able to comfortably spin during rest intervals. There is nothing wrong with adjusting resistance as you go through your intervals to find the sweet spot of cadence and gearing. It takes a while to get a feel for the right resistance for different types of workouts. I’ll often add my resistance setting to my workout notes and whether it was good or not (for future reference).

So changing the 100% is doing nothing to the actual resistance from the trainer?

If you are talking about adjusting the workout intensity up or down in the TR app, then no. It just changes the target power on the screen. I set the actual resistance on my trainer with an app outside of TR (no different than cranking down the wheel friction knob on an old-school trainer). Maybe TR has a way to set trainer resistance in their app. If so, i’ve never used it and I wouldn’t think it’s connected to target power even if they have it.

For clarity of terms:

  • Resistance Mode = 1-100% setting range

    • This is a relatively linear ramp in resistance as wheel speed increases.
    • Like old magnetic trainers.
  • Standard Mode = 0-9 setting range

    • This is a very progressive (non-linear) ramp in resistance as wheel speed increases.
    • Like old fluid trainers.

Check out this article which might help along with what I added below.

  • No, your setting in Resistance (1-100%) will have NO IMPACT on Standard mode (nor any other mode). They are entirely independent of each other.
  • For Standard, yes (along with gearing per your last question).
  • Sure, just like Resistance. But you will find that pure cadence changes alone will have a greater impact in relative resistance level as you speed up or slow down.
    • Lower Standard values (say 0-3) are a bit more “flat” but still more progressive than Resistance modes at any setting.
    • Higher Standard values (4+) will be even more progressive.
    • From what I have seen, a setting between 1-3 is about what works for the people that have shared it at least.

I’ve been using it so far in 0/9 setting for Z2 workouts, I’m guessing if you have a higher FTP you need to run it higher

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Do you know why in Resistance mode the actual resistance fades over time even though cadence remains constant? Also, if I go up 3 gears during a standing interval then go back down, the resistance is almost always lower at the same cadence. This results in me constantly needing to adjust the resistance 1-2 points.

See below fade over 10 minute blocks at z2:

It seems like my Kickr Trainer does this when it gets too hot. But that usually happens in longer sessions or higher intensity sessions (z4). I have a fan I use pointed at my trainer for this reason.

Mine tends to be the opposite. Usually more drift early and less so in hour 2.

Heat would be my guess. Same issues we had with magnetic & fluid dumb trainers is that type of drift. Been part of every one I tried.

I don’t use smart trainers in Res or Std modes for long periods so I haven’t experienced drift there, but it doesn’t surprise me.

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