Requesting Advice on Places to Train in Boulder / Denver CO

I’m traveling to the Denver / Boulder area (I know that’s a wide span) this week, and repeatedly go there several times a year.

Given Boulder as the “mecca” for endurance sports it is considered to be, I’d like to find a “real training” solution when I travel there so I can plan a little commute time and just take my shoes and do my workouts as normal.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone who can point me in the right direction as to a place that I could get on a real bike + trainer + power meter, or at least rent one.

Home of Neal Henderson. They run Kickrs I believe but may have a bike to borrow if you call them?..

Old home of Neal Henderson before he opened his own studio/office location. I’m not sure what type of bikes they use but you could call.

Inspired Training.
Maybe reach out to Frank Overton from FasCat. He might be able to help you as well.