Southern California bike handling coach

Anyone have any good recommendations for a bike handling\skills coach local-ish to LA. Looking for someone who can help me improve my skills with emphasis in gravel and single track in hopes of getting more comfortable descending, cornering and small jumps. Ideally, looking for a former or active pro looking to pickup some extra cash for a couple sessions of 1-2 hours/ each.

Thanks! She definitely came up in my research. Will check her out for sure.

Iā€™m a certified instructor and based on what Kevin Aiello writes on his blog, I want to do some sessions with him.

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Thanks! Kevin looks great, too. I knew there would be some killer options out here.

A few years ago I reached out to Brian Lopes (Laguna Beach) through his site. It cost about the same as a one day clinic. We spent about 2 weeks emailing back and fourth so he could plan the best use of our time. It was great and I learned ALOT.

Great thread. Does Lopes offer this normally, or was this a one-off because of you getting in touch? Great initiative btw!

On his site he mentions coaching. I just emailed him and we went from there. Thanks, let me know if need anything else