Ready To Get Off The Trainer! Aspen and Vail This Summer ⛰🚀

Hey All! I’m relatively new to the forum so if this is a lame post, just LMK! I am getting antsy to get off the trainer and wanted to share a LIVE event, especially for anyone joining me at Master’s Road Nats in Colorado, or my friends at Leadville!

Let’s acclimate and get ready to race the nation’s best! Would love to see you at camp in Aspen and Vail!

Thanks all. Have a great week.

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Someone mentioned doing something like this on the TR podcast as a “TrainerRoad Camp” but @Nate_Pearson and crew decided it wasn’t something they wanted to sanction as a “TrainerRoad Camp.” This might be a good alternative :slight_smile:

thanks BMAC! Let me know if you have any questions about it!