Request input on training plan

Greetings all!

As it looks like I won’t be making it into the AT beta anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I’d like input into which plan would be best to help me prepare for an A-priority time trial. It’s in 10 week’s time, so I’ve got a couple of weeks to continue with the tempo and sweet spot base I’ve been doing since the start of the year, before I being an 8-week prep. The TT is 25K in length.

Plan Builder is suggesting the mid-volume 40K TT Specialty Plan based on the information I provided. However, a part of me is thinking a mid-volume Sustained Power Build would be better as it will be helping me build an even higher FTP over the 8 weeks.

My current TTE is about 40 min at my current FTP according to WKO5, so I don’t need to focus on extending it given the length of this TT.

Any thoughts on which of these two (or another) would be a good 8 week prep plan?

Thanks in advance.

I never do specialty at all…but then I don’t have one A race and usually when there is no pandemic race 20 odd open TT in a UK time trial season plus some club events …I do have 2 or 3 A races which I taper for though. So I just do SPB and then start racing as I think it gives best FTP gains…however of course I have a few TT before my first A race every year, where as if you only have 1 maybe specialty can help - but generally plenty of intervals@ 105-108% plus a bit of VO2 work is probably better - I could never do those TT practices on a trainer anyhow…would need a number on my back to ride @99%FTP for an hour! :laughing:

Specialty reduces fatigue while build would take him into the race fatigued. Therefore I would opt for specialty…

Maybe…I would just go for build and then add a taper week with maybe Truuli as a primer 4 days out and Truuli -2 the day before…still horses for courses :grinning: