Tweaking Speciality Plan for a 70 mile time trial

Hi, I am focusing my training on a 70 mile TT in May and am currently mid way through sustained power build. As I approach the start of the speciality phase, I wanted to gauge all your opinions on my plan.

I am planning on doing the 40k TT plan, but in order to train for the race distance, I will replace the Sunday sessions, which are focused on muscular endurance and sustained power near FTP, with 3-4 hour rides outside, still trying to sustain a reasonable but lower wattage…

Is this a good idea, or is there a more suitable plan to prepare me for a flat out 70 miles?

+1 for the long outdoor rides.

I did 4x 10kft GFs last year and believe there is no substitute for long rides in the saddle.
One of the things you may want to do with a few of those outdoor rides, is find a route that you can do at race pace. I had a particular route that was 51mi 5kft that would take me 3:15-3:30 to complete; no stops other than street intersection/traffic signs. I did it on two water bottles, but feel that I should put a 3rd tri-type cage on my seat back when I do this again.

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This is exactly what I would recommend :+1:.

Best of luck with your training!

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Thanks guys for your responses. I just have to hope I get the weather to do it.

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