Replacement workout

Say I had a two hour workout planned today, but life gets in the way and I only have one or one and a half hour available, would I choose:
a) a workout that works the same zone(s) with the same intensity factor, but shorter in duration.
b) a workout that works the same zone(s), but with a higher intensity factor to compensate for the lack of duration.

What would you do/recommend?

Use the “alternates” function and choose one suited to your available duration :slight_smile:


Depends on the type of workout, if it is high intensity / difficult - then try find a replacement within the same category which has similarly workout level (preferably using the alternates option).

If it is lower/medium intensity / easy or moderate, then increasing intensity to reach same TSS/kJ/WL for a shorter workout may result in transitioning into a training zone/stimulus different from the intention of having the workout in the plan to begin with and might also require more recovery than the original workout.

I think IF/duration works just fine for most workouts (especially at or below FTP). But as above, don’t make an endurance workout a threshold session! If you’re not comfortable to eyeball a workout profile and/or need an easy way to filter, then progression levels could be pretty handy.

In a silo, I’d go with option b, but it depends what the intention of the session is, how’s your fatigue, what’s coming up next etc etc. In other words, it depends…

:point_up: This :slight_smile:

c) Using “alternates” select your time and then choose a workout with a similar progression / difficulty. So if you are replacing a Sweet Spot 4.0, find something in the alternate list that roughly matches.

I think this approach is best as their logic (if I recall in my use of it) filters also for similarly structured workouts (micro bursts, short recoveries, etc…). Basically it pre-filters the workout list for you with the right options (if you try to do the similar task manually you’ll see all of the types and checkboxes to filter by).