Picking workout variants and alternatives

Hi all,

I have a query regarding the best way to pick workout variants and alternatives, sp critically when the scheduled workout doesn’t have a specific fic variant.

Today, my training plan has me completing ‘Robion’, 1.5hrs, threshold, lvl 5.1. I want to pick an alternative, not because of fatigue, simply as I am a little pushed for time. The way I see it, under normal circumstances there are three options:
-workout variant
-pick an alternative workout
-skip the last set of intervals

I don’t want to do the last option, as mentally I’d rather complete a workout fully. And in this case Robion has no variants. Using the workout page I filtered by time (1hr15), threshold, w intervals and mixed intervals, and level 5. The only workout that came up as an option was ‘diamond +1’. 1hr 15, threshold w mixed v02 intervals, level 5.4.

Is this the best way to go about choosing a workout alternative outside of the plan? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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As it happens I had to throw in the towel on diamond +1 anyway. Sadly just didn’t have the legs for it today. I did a ramp test on Monday, and have a 2.8% increase on my FTP (which I’m psyched about) but has means this week’s workouts have felt brutal, on top of some other external stresses. Roll on AT.

Prior to TR assigning workout levels it was common that individual workouts had +/- variants. I believe at the time of assigning workout levels several new workouts were created at the same time.

I have the luxury of time on my side and strictly follow the assigned workout for the day however your approach appears to be the best solution for now. However I think in a very recent podcast it was announced the exact thing you raise will be addressed very soon.

Watch from the 7:00 mark for the announcement.

Adaptive Training addresses this. Hopefully it’ll be available to everyone soonish. I just got on the closed beta a couple days ago.

The “Alternates” tab replaces Variations. There you can select duration and filter by level of difficulty.

Below are some screen grabs that show the alternates of my scheduled workout today, Galena -2 (Sweet Spot 5.8).

Try ‘unclicking’ a few buttons to get a wider selection…then do a quick scroll to see what catches your eye. I selected threshold (no interval restrictions), 1hr 15min duration, level 5…then just scrolled through the picks. None of them are ‘variable interval’ really.

I’d probably pick Dana -1. I like floats.

Not perfect but better than nothing, I guess. I’m not sure your mitochondria will know the difference.

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